Homebuyer Education ... "opening doors together"

The Access Community Homebuyer Center (ACHC) is dedicated to providing potential first-time homebuyers with guidance and counseling.

This information is necessary to make an informed decision on whether the timing and financial situation is right for them to take the next step in the homeownership process.



Call for an appointment (310) 335-2090

  • Pros/Cons and responsibilities that come with homeownership
  • Reviewing credit reports to determine what price range is feasible
  • Educating individuals about their credit report (what lenders look for when they review a credit report)
  • Informing potential buyers of the different types of expenses they can expect and helping them to financially plan for these costs accordingly
  • What to look for when searching for a house to buy
  • Explaining the process from sales contracts to loan applications to the close of escrow
  • Listing the available financing options to suit their specific needs, subsidy sources
  • Relating the importance of maintaining the house and the value of 'pride of ownership'
  • Clarifing the significance of timely mortgage payments and what happens if the payments are late

In addition to these items, ACHC counselors are available for assitance with home selection, advice for obtaining first and second mortgages, and post-production support as well.

Access Community Housing is committed to the community it serves and offers continued support for first time homebuyers beyond the initial couseling period.

ACHC cares about our new homebuyers and shares a vested interest in the success of our mutual goals of long term homeownership. This is why it is so important for us to cultivate a lasting rapport with each and every family we assist. All participants are encouraged to utilize ACHC as a resource for continued guidance.