"Rebuilding the Community ... block by block, family by family"

Our Mission

Access Community Housing has been serving the Southern California area for over
sixteen years, dedicated to rebuilding neighborhoods and developing work force housing for lower income families.

Access believes that the way to rejuvenate our communities is not by replacing the community; rather we believe you rebuild the community house-by-house, block-by-block, and


A Brief Overview
Access Community Housing, Inc. began operations in November of 1996 with a vision of providing work force housing in Southern California. In the last 16 years, we have rehabilitated or managed construction of over four hundred and fifty homes and resold the majority to first-time homebuyers.

Access currently owns and manages 79 residential rental units in ten different buildings in Los Angeles County. We serve families who are in need including the mentally and physically disabled, hearing impaired, visually challenged, families transitioning from battered women shelters, emancipated youth (transitional housing), seniors, homeless, and low to very low
income families.

Access was chosen by Century Housing Corporation to be its Housing Development Partner in a joint venture called Century Family Homes, LLC. Century Housing is a former state agency, privatized as a nonprofit organization. The mission of the joint venture is to build work force housing with financing available from Century Housing Corporation. Our first project is the development of thirteen Fleetwood manufactured homes in Hawthorne, California. We have completed our second phase of construction.

Access was selected as the City of Lynwood's Community Housing Development Organization (CHODO). The CHODO designation is a HUD approved and sponsored program. HUD provides a variety of funding to cities to work with the CHODO organization in lower income housing developments. We are very honored to be selected.

Our first partnership project with the City of Lynwood was to build new single-family residences on land that was acquired by the Century Freeway development. Each house carried a requirement to maintain affordability upon resale. The City awarded us a new phase partnership and we have completed and sold the additional homes. The new homes were successfully built and sold to first time homebuyers on time and on budget.

The Homebuyer Education Center received a multi year contract from the Los Angeles Unified School District to provide financial literacy and homeownership training for the families displaced by the new school construction program. We have a graduate of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Training Institute (Neighborworks") on staff.

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) chose Access Community Housing, Inc., as one of it's first nonprofit affordable housing developer to lead in the "Move-On Housing Program." We provided housing development expertise to move homes that are owned by the airport to other lots in the City and County of Los Angeles in order to maintain the affordable housing stock.

We had been selected by The Enterprise Foundation to be a Development Partner in the EHOP (Enterprise Home Ownership Partnership) program in early 2000. Access was responsible for redevelopment in a specific Los Angeles geographic area. We completed 30 homes in the 28 months during our involvement with EHOP. Additionally, Access, with its State of California Real Estate license, represented Enterprise properties and sold them to low-moderate income first time homebuyers.

Other city partners include the City of Hawthorne for which we managed their Neighborhood Rehabilitation Program, and completed over 120 homes using either Home Funds or CDBG funds. We are also currently partners with the City of Inglewood, directing and managing their Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funded single family housing rehabilitation program.

Access Community Housing is a member of Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing (SCANPH), the Enterprise Foundation Network, The American Homeowner Education and Counseling Training Institute (AHECTI), California Reinvestment Committee, and is a Partner with the National Housing Development Corporation (NHDC).