DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIPS ..."Rejuvenating the neighborhood"
We are a non-profit affordable housing developer and a Development Partner for the Enterprise Homeownership Program here in Los Angeles. The program, better know as EHOP, is aunique opportunity to break the cycle of foreclosures and predatory landing practices that negatively impact low-income first time homebuyers in the South Central Los Angeles community.Our partnership with EHOP is making a dramatic and positive change by providing opportunities for low income families.

EHOP of Los Angeles, the vision of Anne Sewell and other senior executives of the Enterprise Foundation, brings together a variety of partners including a major partner ... The Housing Department of the City of Los Angeles. EHOP aquires distressed properties from HUD and then community non-profit development organizations, such as Access Community Housing, provide the project management to redevelop them.

Real Estate professionals, financial institutions, and homebuyer education organizations provide the marketing, sales, financial support, and education. This ensures that first time homebuyers are qualified, understand their responsibilities as new homeowners and get the house of their dreams. In effect the process is seamless.

The City of Los Angeles strongly supports the program with silent second funds. These funds allow buyers to buy a home in an expensive LA real estate market while earing only 80% of the County of Los Angeles median income.



For more information on the EHOP Program call 213.833.0053 or go to